Piercing For Belly Ring, Safety

Body piercing jewelry including belly rings require a piercing to be done, navel piercings are what are required to wear a belly ring. Kaisilver experts observe that even without a mainstream following, the demand for belly rings is quite high. Jewelry lovers are often so excited about wearing finely crafted belly rings that, they tend to be a bit careless when it is time to do the navel piercing. In an ideal situation, we would recommend that the all body piercings be done at a medical facility - that is however not the case. 

Most body piercing sellers offer the facility to do the piercing task, some charge nothing as long as you buy a piercing jewel from them! Making a clarification here that, while Kaisilver does expertly craft gold belly rings in gold with or without gemstones and diamonds, we do not do not offer services related to body piercing. 

navel piercing importance of safety

Keep Safety In Mind When Piercing The Navel

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While the Kaisilver team does not include medical experts, we have put together a brief report on getting a navel piercing done safely. Make sure that you are not in a big hurry and make sure that, you get medical attention if anything does not seem very right. 

Choose a Reputable Piercing Studio, ensure that the studio is clean and follows proper hygiene protocols. The piercer should be experienced and licensed. Depending on the country in which you are, licenses for body piercing staff might be available.

A professional body or navel piercing expert, would understand your concern if you happen to be having some allergies or medical condition. Some of us have navel shapes or sizes, that are not suitable for piercing. The piercing shop will need to be aware of this too.

Cleanliness is top priority but not everyone, might be aware of the level of cleanliness expected. The piercer should use sterilized equipment and wear gloves. The navel area should be cleaned thoroughly before the procedure. If you have any doubt in your mind regarding the person doing the piercing or the place, leave without going through the piercing procedure.

Clean the piercing twice a day with saline solution or a mild, fragrance-free antibacterial soap. Avoid using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or harsh cleansers. This advice should ideally come from the piercing shop, you could ask about cleanliness even before getting the navel piercing done. This would let you check the readiness and knowledge of the person doing the piercing.

Redness, swelling, excessive pain, or discharge can indicate an infection due to the piercing. Seek medical advice if you suspect an infection or if the piercing doesn't seem to be healing properly.

Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid irritation. Avoid tight waistbands and belts that can rub against the piercing. Avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, lakes, or oceans until the piercing is fully healed. Kaisilver experts claim that, a few months for full healing of a navel piercing should be expected.


10k, 14k or 18k gold is best for belly rings. The metal will not tarnish and cleaning would be fairly easy. Kaisilver belly rings are designed and crafted  by experts, smooth finishing and the right type of fastening - ensures that, the discomfort when wearing or taking off your belly ring would be minimal or none. 

No doubt that safety and comfort should be of prime importance when, choosing a belly ring but, style and durability should also be given due consideration. Each belly ring at Kaisilver is researched by a team of experts, the design can include you preferences and we can even,  craft a custom made belly ring based on your own design. 

Gems and diamonds add beauty, color and significance to belly rings. You could choose your favorite gemstone, pick gems based on color or even, get a birthstone belly ring that has your birthstone set in it. Kaisilver places absolutely no limitation on your choice of gemstones, so make sure that you choose what you like the most!


You would be aware that Kaisilver often claims that all jewelry orders can be crafted in gold or silver and that, both gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same premium standards. When it comes to custom made belly rings, we recommend gold for one important reason. Silver jewelry tarnishes and chemical based solutions might be required to clean and polish the jewels. Plating silver belly rings provides temporary relief from tarnish as, any plating done on silver will wear off after a while. It is therefore a good idea to wear gold belly rings. 


Leading the online high end custom jewelry sector for over two decades, Kaisilver is grateful to its 12,000+ clients across 15 nations. A team of highly skilled jewelry artisans, gem cutters, talented designers and production experts in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. The same level of dedication and craftsmanship is provided for both, gold and silver jewelry. 

We craft all types of jewelry including bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, earrings and cufflinks - in gold or silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours, there is no restriction on gem selection. Networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you always get the best gemstone at each price point. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com if you need any information related to gemstones and jewelry. 


High end jewelry like that crafted by Kaisilver Thailand and shipped worldwide, was not meant to be purchased in a rush. Discuss your requirements with our professional team at sales@kaisilver.com and let us know what you require, send us images or sketches if you have a specific design in mind. Make sure that you have all the information before, moving to the step of order confirmation and payment. You can at any point, choose not to work with Kaisilver and place your order with any other jeweler - we will have absolutely no problem with that. The team will guide you through payment process and inform you about, production lead times and shipping. 


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