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The story behind this claddagh tourmaline ring is fascinating, something that you should not miss. As we talk about the historic 4 century old claddagh ring in this report, we will not make a sales pitch - so rest assured that you will not be pushed to make an order. Tourmaline is a natural gem found in a number of colors and green happens to be the most popular. The RG175 claddagh green tourmaline ring is expertly handcrafted in gold or 925 silver. We must add here that, there is no limitation on gem selection when you order a Kaisilver claddagh gemstone ring. 

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Nature has bestowed us with a number of green gemstones and tourmaline, happens to be one of them. Before we get into the details of this green tourmaline claddagh ring, let us learn a bit more about tourmaline gems. Priced above peridot another green gem, tourmaline is to a certain extent more economical than emerald which is considered to be the most desired green gemstone. Having said that the fact is that, the gemstone in your green tourmaline claddagh ring, would be much more durable as compared to both peridot and emerald. This is simply because, tourmaline is harder and tougher than peridot, emerald and many other gemstones. 

The color of green tourmaline ranges from a light green to a more medium green color tone. It is quite common for gem lovers to prefer their green tourmaline with sufficient color saturation. So we are talking about a green tourmaline as shown in  the RG175 image, or a shade darker. The amazing thing about green tourmaline is that, the color is never too loud and very pale green tourmaline is generally avoided by most jewelers. This makes the gemstone suitable for gemstone rings worn by both, men and women. 

Kaisilver handles the entire production process from design, gem procurement and cutting, finely handcrafting and the implementation of high level quality control checks. With everything being performed by us, you are not charged with multiple levels of subcontractor profits and other charges. All we add is a modest profit margin to each jewel that we custom make. Having said that, we request you to make a fair comparison when evaluating our prices. Kaisilver custom jewelry generally contains, at least 40% to 60% more metal (gold or silver) weight as compared to what other jewelers would provide. Our gems are natural and handpicked after multiple inspections conducted by experienced gemstone professionals. Each gem is certified by an independent gem testing lab for authenticity. 

Meaning Of Claddagh: While the gorgeous design, handpicked gems and fine workmanship are enough reasons to buy or wear a claddagh gemstone ring - the symbolism of the ring goes far beyond these external features. We provide a brief explanation here and suggest, that you access the complete Claddagh Ring Meaning Report - if you wish to get more information on, the historic background of the claddagh tourmaline gemstone ring. 

The story of the claddagh ring goes back to over 4 centuries and centers around, a humble fisherman turned slave named Robert Joyce. The young man headed out to the sea along with his fellow fisherman on an eventful day. The boat in which the fishermen were sailing, was attacked by pirates. After looting all that they could on the boat, the pirates sold the captives (fishermen) as slaves. Robert Joyce was sold to a wealthy goldsmith, who forced him to learn the trade. Robert lived in the village named Claddagh in Ireland, becoming a slave meant that he would be separated from his beloved who lived in the same village. 

Not being able to go back to his beloved, made Robert Joyce feel depressed and weak. The young man decided to do something that, would keep his morale up and feel stronger. Robert decided to use his newly acquired skills and make a ring for his beloved, he wanted the features of the ring to represent his true love for his beloved. He crafted a ring with features that had deep meaning and feelings. The ring depicted 2 hands holding a heart, a crown was placed on the heart. Historians tell us that, the hands were held out in friendship, the heart symbolized love and the crown signified loyalty that Robert has for his beloved. The young man dreamt of giving the ring to his beloved one day - when he would be freed from slavery. 

A few years later Robert Joyce was freed from the shackles of slavery, he headed for his village (Claddagh) closely guarding the ring that he had crafted. He was overjoyed to learn that, his beloved had been waiting for him all these years. She rushed into his arms and Robert gave her the ring. It is believed that, the couple were soon married and lived happily ever after. 


All Gem Options. Request For 10k Gold Price Quote. 

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Highlights Of The RG175 Ring:

  • Custom made claddagh ring in gold or silver. 
  • Retains all features of the first ring made 4 centuries ago.
  • The center gem is a 7mm heart shaped natural gemstone.
  • There is no limitation on gem selection for your claddagh ring.
  • All gemstones are natural and certified for authenticity. 
  • Gold and silver rings have the same premium quality standards.
  • Each ring is finely handcrafted in Thailand in all ring sizes.
  • Ring has a weight of 10 to 12 grams - sturdy and long lasting. 
  • All design modification requests can be accommodated.
  • We can craft a ring or any other jewel based on your design. 

For All Occasions: It is important to understand that the RG175 need not always be worn as a matrimonial jewel. The 'love' in the claddagh ring refers to any type of love, not just that between a husband and wife. So you could buy or gift the claddagh tourmaline ring, to a close friend, your wife, your sister, a loving mother etc. Having said that, it is true that the meaning of the historic ring, makes it absolutely great as an engagement or wedding ring. Just keep in mind that you can select gold or 925 silver and pick, just about any gem that you wish. Each ring is crafted to high quality standards and all ring size requests can be accommodated. 

Gemstone Ideas: If you love tourmaline, you have 3 very popular gem colors to choose from. Your gold or silver tourmaline claddagh ring, can be ordered with a pink, green or red (rubelite) tourmaline gem. And if you are not familiar with rubelite, you might be interested to know that, tourmaline with a high red color component is referred to as rubelite. Do not confuse rubelite with ruby! You could retain the design concept of the RG175 tourmaline ring and request for, any gem of your choice. Kaisilver does not limit your gem selection to what is mentioned or shown on our websites. We will be glad to procure and custom cut, just about any gem from any part of the globe for you.

Still on the topic of gemstones for your Kai Silver claddagh ring, me cannot leave out birthstones. It is always a great idea to wear a gem that, has some special meaning for you. The belief that each one of is makes a connect to a specific gem or crystal, has been around for centuries. Tourmaline is considered to be one of the birthstones for the month of October, the other birthstone for the same month is Opal. If you are planning to wear your claddagh gemstone ring, as a wedding or engagement ring - picking birthstones would add meaning to the jewel. We would in such cases, suggest that you considering exchanging birthstones, in the 'his and her' rings. 

Gold Or Silver: So should you pick gold or silver for your claddagh tourmaline ring? Just remember that, Kaisilver is the only high end online custom jewelry provider to maintain the same superior quality standards for both gold and silver jewelry. This obviously means that the choice of metal for your claddagh ring, is based entirely on your preference. If you prefer to go for the tourmaline claddagh gold ring, you can choose from white, yellow or pink gold and pick 10k, 14k or 18k for your ring. Kaisilver price tables generally provided price details for 14k and 18k gold and sterling silver. Request for a price quote if you prefer to choose a 10k tourmaline gemstone claddagh ring. 

For a silver claddagh gem ring, we would suggest that you do not request for any plating to be done on the jewel. This is because time will wear off all platings done on silver, the wear off will happen in a patchy way and your ring would appear quite dull and worn out. If someone tells you that plating the claddagh silver ring with tourmaline, would act as an anti-tarnish treatment - they are not disclosing the complete truth. The fact is that the ring, would not tarnish only as long as the plating remains on it. Cleaning tarnish is not very difficult if, you do it just as it sets in. Allowing tarnish to stay on your claddagh silver ring for long, would make it more stubborn and difficult to clean. Un-plated silver rings that tarnish are fairly easy to clean. On the other hand, silver rings that experience a wear off on the plating, are quite tough to clean. So if you plan on ordering a silver tourmaline claddagh ring or any silver jewel for that matter, we suggest that you leave it un-plated. But if you still prefer to have your silver jewel, plated with gold or rhodium let us know and we can do it for you. Just clarifying that, such a plating would also tend to wear off. 

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How To Order: Before you get down to order the claddagh tourmaline ring or any other jewel from Kaisilver, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with our experts. Our team consists of gem and jewelry experts, real humans and not automated question and answer banks. Email the team at and let our experts suggest options and pricing details. There is no limitation on gem selection, the design can be modified to suit your preference. We can even craft a jewel based, entirely on your design concept. The gold and silver rings are crafted to the same superior standards, let us know your choice of metal.

Each jewel is crafted by highly skilled jewelry artisans in Thailand, all gems are closely inspected by trained gem experts before being custom cut. There is a 4 to 5 week production time from the date, of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Payments are accepted through Paypal and Western Union, we can also accept bank transfers. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know the mode of payment that you prefer and we will provide details for the same. Shipping is done through Fedex with web tracking. You will be informed about the shipping charges (if any) to be paid before, you make a buying decision. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Serving over 12,000 satisfied clients across 15 nations, Kaisilver is the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand. A team of expert artisans, gem experts and talented designers, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. Maintaining the same premium quality standards for gold and silver jewelry, we place no restrictions on design or gemstones. Staying networked to leading gem sources across the globe, gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Get in touch with us at for any queries or requirements that you might have. We will glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. Inviting you to take advantage of our expertise in all aspect of gemstones and jewelry. 

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