Ring With Peridot Gemstone 

Talking about a gorgeous green gem like peridot and the historic claddagh ring is always exciting. The RG152 claddagh ring from Kai Silver showcases a heart shaped peridot gem - the birthstone for the month of August. The image shows a peridot gold ring but, you could order the same jewel in 925 silver. The best thing about ordering a cladagh gemstone ring from Kaisilver is that, you get the same superior quality of gemstone, design and workmanship for the gold or 925 silver ring. The meaning of the claddagh ring is in the features of the historic jewel, we will get to the details below in this report. 

claddagh ring with peridot
claddagh ring with stone peridot

Jewelry lovers have developed a passion for gemstones, it is the story and history of the gems that they wear that captures their attention. Many of you would have referred to the RG152 ring as a peridot ring but, in this case the fact that it is a claddagh ring also has tremendous significance. While we will undoubtedly tell you the amazing story of the claddagh ring, let us get to know the peridot gem for now. Peridot is gem quality olivine which is a type of rock. For every 25 tons of olivine that you find on the planet, no more than half a bucket would be peridot. And if you had to consider the high quality standards maintained by Kai Silver, it would be fraction of that little peridot that would interest us. 

So what are the benefits of peridot - these would be based on beliefs and traditions, peridot has a tremendous history. Peridot always shows a bright sparkle, this even when the surrounding light conditions are not ideal. There were times in history when the gem was referred to as the 'evening emerald', this because it flaunts its gorgeous color even in the subtle light of an evening. Peridot is believed to bring freshness and tranquility, glance at the gem in your claddagh peridot ring and you will surely feel the lively vibes. Crystal healers often recommend, wearing a peridot gem to bring harmony and reconciliation into a personal relationship. We often make peridot gemstone rings for clients who believe in the Chakras and these people tell us that, the gem generates green energy to fill the heart with happiness and joy. 

Let us now talk about the claddagh ring, the jewel was first crafted 4 centuries ago by an Irish fisherman turned slave. while the gem in a claddagh peridot ring does have meaning, the features of the ring take that meaning to the next level. As can be seen in the image, the ring depicts a pair of hands holding a heart, there is a crown on the heart. No wonder that, the cladagh ring is often referred to as the 'hearts and hands' ring, or the 'hands clasping the heart' ring. While the fine workmanship provided by the expert artisans from Kaisilver Thailand, does deliver a very pretty ring - the jewel is more than just prettiness and loveliness. 

We will very briefly run you through the history of the ring, there is a link at the end of this paragraph that will take you into more details on the claddagh ring. A humble Irish fisherman by the name of  Robert Joyce was once captured by pirates, as he was sailing in a fishing trawler along with this co-fishermen. This was centuries ago when slavery was rampant, the young man and his friends had their belonging looted and were sold as slaves. We must mention here that, the fishermen including Robert, came from a small (Irish) fishing village named Claddagh. Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. The young man could bear the harsh life of a slave but, was mentally tormented as he was separated from his beloved who lived in the same village. It was the dream that he would be a free man one day and return to her, that gave him the strength to carry on. He decided to make something for her, something that would express his true feeling for her. This was when he started to make a ring, the unique features were meant to speak out his heart. Years later he was freed from slavery and rushed back to his village, carefully safeguarding the jewel all through the journey. On reaching the village he was overjoyed to see that she had been waiting for him for all those year. The couple embraced, he gave her the ring .. and they were soon married and lived happily ever after. The Kaisilver Claddagh Ring Report, provides a detailed narration about the history and significance of the historic ring. 

So here is quick note on the features and meaning of the claddagh peridot ring. We talked about the heart, hands and crown in the RG152 claddagh gold ring. These happen to be the essential elements of a cladagh ring and will therefore, remain the same for cladagh rings in silver or gold. Kai Silver crafts claddagh rings for men and women, the men's ring has the same features but, is heavier with larger dimensions. It is quite obvious that the heart in the ring denotes love, the hands are stretched out in friendship and togetherness. The crown on the heart in the cladagh ring symbolizes loyalty. Remember that the ring was about a relationship between two individuals  - they could be lovers, friends, family members etc. Reflect on what we had mentioned earlier that, Robert Joyce wished that the ring would showcase the true feelings that he had for his beloved - love, togetherness and loyalty. Centuries later, the story of the claddagh spread around the world, its touching theme brought in international fame and respect. 


You can also request for gemstones that are not mentioned in the price table. Peridot is priced in the first group of gemstones shown in the table below. White, yellow and pink gold are priced the same. Request for a price quote if you prefer to have a 10k gold claddagh ring. Each ring is finely handcrafted by Thailand's expert artisans. 

claddagh ring price

Gold Or Silver: All Kaisilver jewelry including the cladagh peridot gemstone ring, can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. The same attention to detail and expertise is provided for the gold or 925 silver cladagh ring - this means that the same superior standards are maintained for both metal options. So if you wish to for the peridot gold ring, select from 10k, 14k or 18k and pick white, yellow or pink gold. Green gems and especially sparkling green peridot, will look awesome in all metal colors. The pricing tables mention 14k and 18k claddagh gold ring prices - request for a price quote if you prefer to go for a 10k claddagh gemstone ring. 

Kaisilver silver claddagh rings are extremely popular, besides being more economical they also confirm to high quality standards. We spoke about the meaning of the cladagh ring and how it symbolizes love, togetherness and loyalty. Since the claddagh meaning is held in its unique features (hands, heart and crown), it is not dependent on the price tag, gemstone or metal that is selected for the ring. So choosing a gold or silver ring would be dependent, on your personal choice and budget. When going for a silver claddagh ring with peridot or any other gem, it is a good idea to request for the ring to be left un-plated. This because plated silver rings will always experience a wear off on the plating - this can make it tough to clean and polish the ring. Leaving your claddagh 925 silver ring without any plating, will make cleaning an easy process - surely something that you can do on your own. 

Peridot Gem Highlights:

  • Peridot is gem quality olivine. We use natural, untreated, certified peridot. 
  • Color ranges from green to yellowish green. Can request for color range images. 
  • The gem shows a sparkle even in less than perfect light conditions. 
  • For the above reason, peridot is sometimes referred to as the 'evening emerald'.
  • Peridot gems from Pakistan and Burma (Myanmar) have premium prices. 
  • Peridot symbolizes harmony, reconciliation and hope.
  • It was one of the gems on the famous breastplate worn by Aaron. 
  • Listed on the birthstone charts, Peridot is the birthstone for August. 
  • Many of Cleopatra's favorite 'emeralds' turned out to be peridot!
  • We can craft a peridot gemstone ring with your design or ours. 
  • The gem is well suited for both men and women, large sizes available. 

Kaisilver Claddagh Ring Highlights

  • Each ring is finely crafted in Thailand by highly skilled artisans and gem cutters.. 
  • Order the claddagh ring with peridot or any gemstone of your choice. 
  • Both gold and sterling silver cladagh rings, have the same premium standards.
  • All gemstones are natural, custom cut and have an authentication certificate. 
  • The cladagh gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k, 18k - white, yellow, pink gold.
  • We also craft claddagh rings for men, these are larger and heavier. 
  • It is possible to order the cladagh ring with no gemstone in the center.
  • There is an option for setting 3 natural round diamonds in the crown. 

How To Order: Whether it is a peridot cladagh ring or any other jewel that you are looking for, we would suggest that you do not make a hasty decision. We handcraft high end custom jewelry and that is something that, needs to be selected and discussed with a human being - not a few programmed website icons. While we are aware that almost no other jewelry provider (online or offline) provides, as much product detail as shown on our websites - we request you to discuss your requirements with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com Ask as many questions as you wish, move to the next step only if you have satisfactory answers to all your questions. 

There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date that the order is confirmed with payment. While we do accept payment through Paypal and Western Union transfers, we do not recommend Western Union for first time buyers. Details for payment can be provided once we know your choice. Shipment will be made through Fedex with web tracking, payment charges (if any) will be disclosed before you confirm the order and make payment. 

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