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The Kaisilver websites have some of the finest handcrafted jewels backed, by the most detailed and high utility content that you will find. We have not been lured by the 'quick buy' and 'one click pay' generation. For us every gem and every jewel tells a story that we wish to share with our clients. The process of actually making a sale is secondary. When it is time to write all about the historic claddagh ring and one of the most scintillating gems of all time, amethyst - that one feels the true significance of narrating two powerful story at once. The first claddagh ring was made around four centuries ago, we will have mode details lower down in this report. The 'hands, crown and heart' ring that it is sometimes called, was made by a humble slave for his beloved. The ring was crafted to express his true love for his woman. The heart signifies love, the crown symbolizes love and the hands represent togetherness. It was less than a century ago that historians, uncovered the true meaning and story of the spectacular claddagh ring. It was then that the jewel came to be respected as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. 

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Since we are talking about a claddagh amethyst ring, it is important that we talk about the amazing purple gemstone. Quartz in its purest form is colorless but, it gets even prettier when nature adds some elements into the gem as it is being formed. It is the presence of some very welcome impurities that, gives amethyst its splendid color. The heart shaped amethyst in the RG069N claddagh ring is natural and custom cut to perfection. We do not deal in fakes and synthetics. The first discovery of amethyst was found high up in the Ural mountains of Russia. The terrain was inhospitable and the mountains were inaccessible during the winter. It soon became clear that there was not much of the purple gem in those mountains, this raised the value of the gem. As was customary in  those times, everything rare and everything pretty became the sole property of the royals and aristocrats. The Russians at one time, regarded purple as the color of royalty. 

It would not be wrong to say that the price of this Kaisilver amethyst ring, would have been well beyond most budgets if the Russian mountains, remained the only source for the purple beauty. Fortunately for jewelry and gemstone lovers, amethyst resources were unearthed in Brazil. The strong hold of the royals became irrelevant and the beautiful purple gem became more affordable. You can order the amethyst claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver, the gold options include 14k/18k white, yellow or pink gold. The intricate design, fine craftsmanship and meticulously custom cut gems, remain the same for Kaisilver claddagh rings crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. 


There is no limitation on gem options, your choice need not be limited to what you see here. The price of white, yellow and pink gold remains the same. We can also craft a ring entirely in metal (gold or silver) with no gem in the center. Request for a price quote if you prefer to have a 10k claddagh ring. 

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When it comes to the purple shade for an amethyst, Kaisilver experts recommend the medium purple shade. This color shade offers an open color that is emphatically purple but also allows, light bounce on the facets and give a sparkle to the gemstone.This is the color shade that you see in the claddagh amethyst ring shown on this web page. A pale purple amethyst will show almost no color and a very dark purple gem, will absorb most light and almost appear to be opaque. Most jewelers would not provide this detailed information, so keep it in your mind - it will always come in handy when, you decide to buy a gold or 925 silver ring with amethyst gemstone.

Highlights Of The Kaisilver Claddagh Ring

  • Claddagh rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. Equal superior standards are maintained for both options. 
  • The gemstone is a 7mm / 8mm (size depends on gem selected) heart shaped natural, custom cut gem. 
  • Gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, tourmaline, morganite and spessartite are in the 7mm to 7.5mm range. 
  • There is no limitation on gem which means that, your gemstone choice for a Kaisilver ring need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. 
  • The ring has a minimum weight of 8 to 10 grams, larger ring sizes might call for an additional metal weight. 
  • Kaisilver claddagh rings can be crafted with or without a gemstone. Rings are available for men and women.
  • We recommend that no plating be done on the 925 sterling silver claddagh ring. 
  • Each ring retains all the features of the first ring made 4 centuries ago. 
  • We have provide an option where 3 diamonds are set in the crown of the ring. 
  • The claddagh gold ring can ordered in 14k/18k white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • Pricing for 10k claddagh rings can be provided on request. 

So is there a special occasion or significance, which is suitable for wearing a claddagh ring with amethyst or any other gem for that matter. The answer is simple, the meaning, significance and elegance of the claddagh ring makes it suitable for every occasion and everyone. Kaisilver crafts claddagh rings for men and women, the men's rings are larger and heavier. You could buy a claddagh ring for yourself or gift it to someone special. We get a significant number of claddagh orders just before Mother's Day, these are generally ordered with the birthstone of the mother.  Taking about birthstones, Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. So an amethyst claddagh ring would make a special connect with you if, you happen to be born in February. 

Most of the ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and diamond claddagh rings that we craft are ordered as bridal rings. If you have been following this report and read the portion right on the top, we had mentioned that the claddagh ring through its unique features represents love, loyalty and togetherness. These are qualities that are at the root of any successful relationship, so no surprise that claddagh wedding and engagement rings, have become very popular among discerning couples. You could get that special ring crafted by Kaisilver with the gemstone of your choice or pick your birthstone. So it is clear that you do not need a special occasion to order or wear your claddagh ring with amethyst or any other gem. 

Meaning Of The Claddagh Ring: Let's get in a brief report on the history and meaning of the ring here, the paragraph ends with a link to the complete report on the same topic. We go back in time by about 400 years, a small Irish fishing village named Claddagh and a humble fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce. The young man and his co-fishermen, would regularly hit the seas in search of fish. Robert never left the village without spending a few special moments with his beloved, who also lived in the Claddagh village. On one eventful day things went terribly wrong for Robert and his friends. The boat in which they were sailing was attacked by pirates and plundered. After looting everything from the boat, the pirates sold the captives as slaves. The young fisherman was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. Robert could not bear being separated from his beloved, he kept thinking of her. It was then that he decided to make something that could express his true love for the woman in his dreams. Using his newly acquired skills, Robert Joyce began crafting a ring for her - he dreamed of being a free man one day and giving it to her. The young mans  dream came true a few years later, he was freed from slavery and rushed back to his village, the ring carefully tied in his pocket. He was overjoyed when he found his beloved still waiting for him, her display of loyalty filled his heart with joy. He gave her the ring and proposed to her, the couple were soon married and settled down in the Claddagh village. As story of the ring spread, people became aware of the features of the ring. A couple of centuries later, historians documented the entire episode and the ring became well known across the globe. You can review the entire story of the claddagh ring here

It was about 2 decades ago when, Kaisilver released the first high end custom claddagh ring collection that, style conscious clients in Europe, USA and Australia decided to own a finely crafted claddagh ring. The rings are crafted in gold or sterling silver, all gem options all sizes - for men and women. The Kaisilver claddagh ring design was finalized after a thorough study of the jewel. A team of our experts spent months in Ireland interviewing professors and antique jewelers. Each Kaisilver ring retains all the features of the first ring made centuries ago, this obviously means that the symbolism is showcased in each piece. 

How To Order: Whether it is a claddagh amethyst ring or any other jewel that interests you, we will seriously suggest that you do not be in a hurry to place an order. Email your requirements to our experts at and review their suggestions and ideas. Since we are talking about fine jewelry, make sure that you are satisfied with all the answers that are provided to you. You can request for all design modifications and request for the gem of your choice, we can even work with a design sketch or image provided by you. Once you have all the information that you need, move ahead and make your decision. We will have absolutely no problem if you make your purchase from another jeweler. There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We recommend Paypal as the mode of payment as it is safe for you and us but, will also accept Western Union Transfers if that is what you prefer. Let us know your choice of payment and we will email details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: As the first online provider for high end custom jewelry from Thailand, Kaisilver has been serving over 12,000 quality conscious clients across 15 nations - this in our 2+ decades in the busiOur ness. A team of talents finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters, works on designs created by a team of dedicated designers and a sprinkling of design consultants from 5 nations. Preferential access from leading gem miners and cutters on the globe, allows us to provide an amazing collection of 200 million carats of gems to our clients. And in any case, you need not restrict your gemstone choice to what is shown on our websites. Our experts at will be glad to help with any information or advice that you might need.

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