Rings For Men 

Rings for men in gold or 925 silver, can have the same high quality standards. While you will rarely find a men's sterling silver crafted to the standards of fine jewelry - there is technically no reason why this cannot happen. Kaisilver pleasantly surprised the world of men's jewelry two decades ago. It was the first collection of high end men's rings to be launched in gold or 925 silver. While we did face a few challenges from jewelers, who were not very happy with our emphasis on delivery quality silver jewelry - the focus has always remained on the customer. You could pick any men's ring from the Kaisilver group of websites and request, for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver - with your choice of gemstone. There is no limitation on gemstone, it is perfectly okay if you pick a gem that is not shown on our website. We can also craft plain or gemstone rings for men, with your own design idea. 

diamond ring for men

Men's diamond band ring, a sturdy band finely crafted by skilled jewelry artisans in Thailand. The RG150N band ring for men can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. This ring is suited for men and women and can be ordered, with a gemstone or diamond. This is perfect for a men's diamond wedding band ring ... more

white gold rings for men

Rings for men in white gold and all gemstone options. An awesome collection of men's gemstone rings, diamond rings and band rings in white, yellow or pink gold. Kaisilver men's rings in gold or sterling silver are crafted to the same superior standards. We can also craft a ring for men with your own design ... more

ring for men

When choosing a ring for men, it is not just the design that matters. Options like gold or silver rings for men, the choice of gems, the weight of the ring, durability features and surely the quality of workmanship are all important. Kaisilver rings for men are designed, crafted and checked by experts. You can admire the beauty of the ring while, we take care of the rest ... more

ruby ring for men gold or silver

A ruby ring for men, the RG131 ruby gold ring is suitable for men and women. The gemstone type, size and shape can be decided by you since, this men's ruby diamond ring is fully customizable. It is therefore possible to update the ring dimensions to make it more impressive as a men's gemstone ring. Has the same high quality standards in gold or silver ... more

men's big ring with amethyst

Men's big gemstone ring, you choose the gem of your choice. The ring is shown with a big amethyst gem and is ideally suited for gems like amethyst, red garnet, peridot, green jade, citrine, aquamarine, green tourmaline, rhodolite, moonstone etc. You could order a men's gold or 925 silver ring in all sizes ... more

gemstone ring for men

Gemstone rings for men, sturdy and finely handcrafted by skilled artisans in Thailand. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems from mines across the globe, your gem selection need not be restricted to what is shown on our websites. Rings are for men are crafted in gold or 925 silver, in all sizes ... more.

oval gemstone ring for men

A classic design for a men's ring, the oval gemstone can be any gem of your choice. Gemstone rings for men can pose a challenge when, the size of the gem is fairly large. This because many gems carry a premium price as, the size of the gem increases. The MAN137A ring for men is a great option, the gorgeous amethyst gem is modestly priced even in large sizes ... more

gold ring for men

Gold rings for men can be crafted in 10k 14k or 18k gold, no doubt that white and yellow men's gold rings are what you would come across most often. When considering a budget for a men's ring in gold, keep a tab on the cost component of the gemstone. Gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, spinel etc can be quite expensive. Review the MAN50 men's ring ... more

When choosing a men's ring good looks is no doubt an essential but, this is largely based on personal preference. Rings for men would generally be quite large both, in terms of dimensions and ring size. This is something that makes metal weight an important feature in rings for men. When we tell you that, Kaisilver men's rings have a metal weight that is around 40% to 50% more than, what other jewelers would provide - we are fully aware that a ring with similar looks, could be made with half the metal that we invest in the ring. The point is that a men's silver or gold ring with insufficient metal weight, would stay in shape for long. Defining a fine jewel is not just about craftsmanship, it also includes issues like durability enhancing features, metal weight, type of gem mounting etc. If you happen to be a jewelry buyer you would appreciate our attitude but, if you happen to be a jewelry provider - you would wish that Kaisilver just disappeared from the scene. 

Men's gemstone rings are gorgeous but, would require an understanding of various issues related to natural gems. gems are priced per carat (weight unit). The price per carat keeps increasing as the carat weight of the gem moves up. For example if you had a specific grade of 2 blue sapphire priced at $1,000 per carat for a 2 carat gem, you would end up paying $2,000 for the piece. Now if your men's' ring needed a 5 carat blue sapphire of the same grade (as the 2 carat gem), expect to pay around $1,500 per carat for the 5 carat sapphire. This applies to most gems and it gets very glaring when, it comes to high priced gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and even tanzanite. Larger gem sizes can cost up to 50% or even more per carat, then smaller gems of the same grade. 

The above information  needs to be considered when you pick a gem and/or design for men's rings. Let us take an example to make this explanation clear. Preview the MAN30N mens ring on this web page, the ring is crafted with a large 12x10mm or even larger gem - in this care it is an amethyst. Now if you picked blue sapphire or ruby for that ring, the large gem would shoot up the price beyond most budgets. It would surely be possible to request for the same men's ring design concept with a 9x7mm or 10x8mm oval gemstone ring. And if you wished wear a sapphire, ruby, emerald or even tanzanite men's band - the RG215D with a gem instead of the diamond would be a good choice. The ring would have a broad band of around 10mm with a 7mm round gem.

You are welcome to discuss  such details with our support experts - you will not be obliged to make a purchase from us. 

Kaisilver Men's Rings Highlights

  • All rings for men are crafted in gold or 925 silver, equally superior standards for both metals.
  • The design for you men's ring can be crafted with your design or ours. Design changes possible.
  • There is no limitation on gem selection so, do not restrict your choice to what is shown on our websites.
  • Men's gold rings are available in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. 10k gold quoted on request. 
  • We will recommend that sterling silver rings for men be left unplated, as all plating wears off with time. 
  • Kaisilver men's rings generally weigh around 40% more than what other jewelers provide. 
  • The minimum metal weight for men's rings is 20 to 25 grams. Larger rings can weigh more. 
  • Make a special request if you need a ring with no metal scooping done inside the band. 
  • Since each men's ring is finely handcrafted, request for all ring sizes can be accommodated. 

How To Buy: Do not be in a rush to confirm your order, we do not encourage impulse purchases. Email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com and provide details of your requirements. Let the team come up with suggestions and information, keep that communication open until, you have all the information that you need. You can request for men's rings or any other jewelry to be crafted with your design or ours. There is no limitation on gemstone, so make your selection and we will fulfill that requirement. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our experts on phone (we bear the charges), include your phone number, location and suitable time in  the email. Provide as much detail as possible in  the email, this will allow us to assign the right expert and prepare for the call. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The world's leading online source for finely crafted custom made jewelry. Over 12,000 quality conscious clients across 15 nations, rely on Kaisilver for all their gemstone and jewelry gemstones. We handcraft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings in gold or sterling silver. Both metals are crafted with the same degree of care and attention, equal superior quality standards are provided for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. You could pick any design from our website or send us your own design ideas and request, for it to be crafted in gold or silver with your choice of gemstones. Our unmatched reach with gem miners and cutters all over the globe, gives us unmatched preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you always, get the best gemstone at each price point. Contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions that you might have, we will be glad to help even if you end up buying nothing from us.