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The leading online source for high end custom  jewelry, we at Kaisilver focus on informing and educating gem and jewelry lovers. We always welcome your questions, comments and criticism even if, you have no plan of buying anything from us. Do not be in a rush to confirm your order, high end jewelry was never meant to be bought and sold by impulse and rush. 

Email us at and let us have your ideas and questions. Our experts will review each email and ensure that a reply is sent ASAP. Be as detailed as possible, this allows us to assign the right expert to your query. It also ensures that, the communication is very relevant and thoroughly answers  your query. 

Kaisilver does not hire sales staff, we prefer to build a support team based on their expertise in various aspects of gems and jewelry. This also has the advantage of not pressurizing website visitors, to make a purchase. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements on the phone, email us all details - include your phone number, location and suitable time (your local time) to receive the call. Including all details related to your requirements, in the email will allow us to better prepare for the call. We will call you at the time suggested by you by aligning time zones - we will bear the charges for the call. 

One very important point that we will make is that, your questions and queries are always welcome - even if you intend to make your purchase from any other jewelry provider. Almost no other jeweler would provide the detailed product information that we do.  It is therefore a great idea to discuss your requirements with the Kaisilver team, get all related information and then, make the purchase from a jeweler that makes you feel comfortable. We do have business interests in the gems and jewelry industry but, we will always keep the tasks of educating and informing separate from, the selling process.