Band Rings With Diamonds

A diamond band is basically a ring with one or more diamonds and has, a uniform band width all around. Kaisilver stylists often make a small but important observation here. We have been increasingly getting requests for band rings, that have a very slight taper on the portion behind the finger. This is generally seen in diamonds bands that are wider than 8mm. The idea is that, a big width behind the finger can feel a bit uncomfortable when the finger is bent. This is a purely person preference and we have no problems accommodating such requests. The client continues to refer to these rings as 'band rings' and we have no problem with that either. Simple diamond band ring designs are popular, though we can craft an elaborate and fancy design for you with your own design concept. In this report we focus on issues related to diamond bands, the idea is not to sell you something but rather, make you aware of what to look for and evaluate when buying a band ring. We have handpicked a few elegant band rings with diamonds for you, take a look and go through the complete report that can be accessed from the link below each image. 

diamond band white gold

A gold or silver diamond band, order the ring in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold. We can also craft a sterling silver diamond ring with the same quality standards. The design of the ring could be modified to accommodate up to 3 diamonds. You can also request square diamonds instead of the rounds. Custom made in all sizes ... more

men's diamond band ring

A men's diamond band ring, diamond sizes are 3mm or 4mm rounds. The ring can be ordered as a uniform band width ring with a slight taper behind the finger for wearing comfort. The diamond ring can be ordered in single or double gold color - 925 silver silver is also an option. This is a durable ring custom made in Thailand ... more.  

About Diamonds: When talking about a diamond band, it is a great idea to know more about this precious stone. Diamonds take a minimum of 2 or 3 billion years to form, and they are formed 150 km more below the earths surface. So a diamond ring would essentially, be set with a glittering stone that was formed a very long time ago. And how do the diamonds reach the upper layers of the earth where, humans can mine or collect them. Violent volcanic activity inside the earth, pushes lava to the surface - in very rare circumstances, this lava brings up diamonds. Geologists refer to these type of volcanoes as Kimberlites. Diamonds are scientifically verified to be the hardest known natural substance on the planet.  The diamonds as they are extracted from the earth, are dull with no glitter and sparkle. It takes a keen knowledge of symmetry, geometry and precious stone cutting - to bring out that brilliance in diamonds. 

Diamond is the purest form of carbon, while this might sound like some ordinary substance - the occurrence of diamonds as pure carbon is extremely rare. And most of the natural 'diamond' found is of a very low quality, useful only in industries unrelated to gemstones and jewelry. So we now know that the precious stone in a diamond band ring is rare, tough, scintillating and expensive. Diamonds have always symbolized love, truth, purity and sincerity. Diamonds have been known for thousands of years, they were always highly sought after. Over the centuries and decades, a number of new diamond sources have been discovered. As supply increased, the demand kept outstripping supply and continues to do so. This explains why the price of natural diamonds has never really taken a significant dip. 

gold diamond band, square diamond

Perfect for a pair of diamond band rings, sturdy with a very secure setting for the princess cut square diamond in the center. You can request for a larger or smaller diamond for your ring. The band width of this diamond gold or silver ring, can be customized based on the size of the diamond. Can also be crafted with your design concept ... more

band ring with diamond silver or gold

A diamond ring where the width of the band is very close to the size of the diamond. The innovative design for this diamond band ring, gives the jewel a much brighter and sparkling look. The ring is surprisingly affordable even with a 4mm or 5mm round diamond. You have a choice of 3 gold colors and sterling silver to choose from ... more

Diamond Band Design: There are surely thousands of designs used to craft diamond bands - possible that some of you hope to order your diamond band with a design that is unique and provided by you. The best thing about Kaisilver diamond  rings is that, you can pick one of our designs and request for modifications or, let us have your own design image or sketch. The important thing is that, the design of a diamond band ring is a personal preference but, features in the ring that will increase wearing comfort, durability and even material value of the ring are absolutely essential. These are the points that we will be focusing on in this report. The information will be applicable to all diamond rings, no matter where you finally buy them from.  

The width of the band is one of the important design elements that you should review. A very narrow diamond band with a width of 4mm or less might be way too tiny, there is nothing wrong in wearing such a ring but just make sure that it is what you really want. Diamond band rings for men and women would ideally have a width in the 6mm to 7mm range, some style experts might extend that to 8mm. The comfort level of wearing a gold or 925 silver band would in general, depend on the ring (finger) size. Ring sizes between US 5 to 9,  would pair well with bands in the 6mm to 7mm range. An 8mm band might be okay for a size 9 ring but, wearing anything wider could be a bit uncomfortable. If your ring size is somewhere between 10 to 12, a safe band width would be in the 7mm to 8mm range. Kaisilver diamond bands are completely handcrafted, no mass production techniques are applied so you can let us know your choice in terms of band width, gemstone, diamond,  ring size and metal and we will gladly craft that unique piece just for you. As some our design consultants point out, the band width of your diamond band could also depend on how often or for how long, you plan to wear your ring. For example, wedding bands would generally be worn everyday and all day - comfort takes priority in  such a case. But if you would be wearing your band occasionally or only for specific occasions, a more than average band width would not pose much of a problem. Like we keep saying, the final decision is always yours. 

custom diamond band 14k

A broad diamond band, 5mm diamond in the center and an added dose of glitter with 2 round 2.5mm diamonds - 1 on other side of the center diamond. The band width of this diamond ring is between 7mm and 8mm, impressive indeed. The band width can be narrowed by setting a 4mm round diamond in the center. All ring sizes  ... more

diamond wedding band

A classy white gold diamond band, the ring is shown with a combination of dull and high polish finished. You can order a 925 silver or gold diamond ring, with a combination of diamonds and colored gemstones. The ring is shown with 3 round and 3 square diamonds, you could order the same ring with all round or all square diamonds ... more

Diamond Size: Diamonds have become everyone's best friend! While we have absolutely nothing against the famous James Bond movie line that  - 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', the fact is that both men and women of all ages have been smitten by the sheer beauty and luxury appeal of the glittering beauty. When talking about the size of the diamond in a band ring, there is little doubt that the - the bigger the better. Economics which includes an understanding of price logistics of the diamond, will put a reign on the dreams and desires of millions of diamond fans. If you had to count all the diamonds available in world markets, more than 90% of them (by number) would be less than 0.5 carat. Now to give you an idea, a 0.5 carat round diamond sizes up at around 5mm. So when evaluating a gold or sterling silver band with diamonds, we need to rethink our terminology for 'tiny' and 'small' diamonds. Let us define a few parameters to ensure that, we are all on the same page. Diamonds that are less than 2.5mm could be classified as being 'small' and those less than 1mm would probably be termed as 'tiny'. So diamond band rings with diamonds that are 3mm or larger, are surely not too small or insignificant. Diamond bands with a single diamond, would ideally have a diamond size of 4mm or more. Having said that, if you have a Cinderella ring finger size that is 5 or below, the right diamond size for your band could be around 3mm. We might mention here that, we have crafted diamond band rings for women with ring sizes less than 6, with large 1 to 2 carat diamonds! So much depends on what you really want and the budget allocated for the purchase. 

Diamond Quality: This is one point that needs to be considered and understood when evaluating diamond rings. Consider the same size, shape and carat weight for a diamond - the price of the stone would show a significant variation between diamond grades (quality). Top quality diamonds are good to have but, as you compare diamonds placed with your eye, the visible difference between adjacent or nearby grades, would be barely noticed. For those of you who have allocated substantial budgets for your diamond band, insist on the finest diamond grades. But budget buyers which includes people like myself, would do good to follow this tip. Choose diamond grades that look good to the human eye, few people would be using specialized gemological lights and magnification equipment to admire your diamond band. Getting a bit technical here, a diamond grade rating of H-J and VS2 should be fine in most cases. You are welcome to discuss your requirements with our support team. Before we move to the next paragraph that touches on the topic of, choosing gold or silver for your band ring with diamonds - here is a very important piece of information. The entire discussion here, refers to natural diamonds and not synthetic or factor made substitutes. Kaisilver provides diamonds that are certified for their authenticity, this ensures that you get authentic natural diamonds. We bear the certification charges and it does not cost you anything more. Clients ordering diamond rings with larger diamonds at Kaisilver, often request for special certification for the precious stone. These are detailed certificates that now only confirm the authenticity of the diamonds but also, mention the color and clarity of of the diamond. If you read a few lines above, the H-J is the color grade and VS2 is the clarity of the diamonds. Both types of certifications are provided by reputed diamond and gem testing labs and come at a cost. As we just mentioned above, we bear that cost for the brief report that mentions the weight, size, shape and authenticity of the diamond. The more detailed report that mentions authenticity, weight, size, color and clarity (4Cs) of the diamond costs substantially more. While we will try our best to bear the cost of this advanced diamond certification, there could be cases where we request you to bear the cost or partly share it. 

Gold Or Silver: Kaisilver happens to be one of the very few custom jewelry providers, to maintain the same superior standards for gold and sterling silver jewelry. With this piece of information, you can pick a 925 silver or gold diamond band ring, based on your preference and budget. There is an optimal metal weight that can be assessed for every ring or other jewel, this based on the design and dimensions. So whether you choose a gold or silver band with diamonds, make sure that it is not crafted with less than optimal metal weight. A diamond band with lower weight than required, could easily get damaged or dented - you really do not want to go through the hassle of sending your band for repairs. A silver band would quite obviously priced lower than a similar band crafted in gold. Talking about diamond band crafted in gold, you would have some amount of price flexibility too - this by picking 10k, 14k or 18k gold. From our experience 14k gold bands draw the maximum attention, this is most probably because 14k offers the best combination of gold content and metal hardness. Looking at the gold options from the view point of price - 10k gold is priced lower than 14k gold which in turn is priced lower than 18k gold. The price difference between these gold options is not huge but, can make a difference when you are balancing your budget and purchase price. Let's not forget the choice of 3 gold colors in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - pink, yellow and white. The price for the 3 gold colors remains the same within, each of the 3 gold options. 

Ring Durability: We did mention that diamonds are the hardest known substance formed in nature. Humans have been amazed by the hard material for centuries. The name diamond was derived from the Greek adamas which means, 'invincible' quite obviously referring to the extremely hard nature of the precious stone. So it might sound strange when we talk about the durability of a diamond band ring. The fact is that there are a number of factors that will cumulatively define the hardness of a jewel - not just the hardness of the gems or diamonds set in the piece. We talked about how the metal weight can add or detract from the durability of the ring. The quality of craftsmanship and the type of mounts used to secure the diamonds, will also play a part. While a bezel mount with the entire edge of the diamond covered with metal is the most secure, not all diamond band ring designs can accommodate the bezel mount. If prongs must be used in a diamond rings, it is strongly recommended that the prongs be thick enough and rounded. Pointed or flimsy prongs can catch in fabric and pockets, this can cause them to open up and loosen the diamond. We have seen cases where jewelers provide pointed prongs which could easily scratch delicate skin. You should now have a fairly good idea of the features to review and evaluate when reviewing the durability of a band ring. We should however emphasize that, jewelry (any jewel) should never be exposed to environments that are too hot or likely to come into close proximity with strong chemicals, detergents or solvents. Never wear a jewel in areas where it could be struck by physical impact. 

How To Order: Every diamond band shown on this web page has a short description and a link to the a detailed report where you will find, gem options, suggestions, full product details and pricing. We will also be glad to craft a unique jewel for you with your own design idea. The team at will be glad to help you with any clarifications or advice that you might require. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our expertise as, you will never be under an obligation to purchase anything from us. We place no restriction on design (yours or ours), gemstone selection or metal (gold or silver) and ensure that, the same superior standards are maintained for both gold and silver jewelry. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online source for high end custom jewelry, Kaisilver is proud to have served over 12,000 quality clients from 15 nations - over the past 2 decades. Preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems from leading mining and cutting operations across the globe, allow us to give you an unlimited choice of gems. You need not restrict your choice to what is mentioned on our website. We craft gold and silver jewelry to the same high standards. While you could pick any jewel from our websites and request for it, to be crafted in gold or silver with your choice of gemstone. We can also craft a unique piece for you with your own design concept. Get in touch with us at if you have any question related to gems or jewelry, we will be glad to help.