Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

Talk about a tourmaline ring and the general reference is to green tourmaline. The fact is that tourmaline rings can be designed and crafted, with a gorgeous spectrum of gem colors. It is possible for a single tourmaline crystal to show one, two or even three distinctly different colors. Will come back to that in a moment but first, a short interesting note about this gorgeous gemstone. The word tourmaline is presumed to have come from the Sri Lankan word 'turmalee' - this means colorful gemstone. Sri Lanka was earlier known as Ceylon and centuries ago the belief was that, tourmaline came down from the heavens. People found an interesting explanation for the many colors in which tourmaline is found. The theory explained that, tourmaline passed through a rainbow as it came down to earth - the rainbow imparted its wonderful colors to the gemstones!

tourmaline ring heart claddagh

The historic claddagh ring with a four century history, shown here is a gorgeous green tourmaline claddagh ring. This heart tourmaline ring in gold or silver, is exquisitely handcrafted, by Thailand's finest artisans. Available in all ring sizes and with gemstone of your choice. A very meaningful green tourmaline ring for you, irrespective of age and religion ... more

tourmaline gemstone ring custom

A big tourmaline ring for men, the MAN136 Kaisilver tourmaline ring for men is tough and heavy. The large green tourmaline gem in the center can be replaced by any gem of your choice. Custom made in gold or 925 silver, this heavy men's tourmaline gemstone ring, is handcrafted in Thailand to superior standards. All ring sizes available ... more

tourmaline colors

Tourmaline a gorgeous gem is listed as the birthstone for October along with opal. While tourmaline gems are naturally found in a range of colors, green, pink and red (rubelite) tourmaline remain the most popular choices. Tourmaline rings and other jewelry with tourmaline from Kaisilver, can be ordered with just about any tourmaline gem color. 

tourmaline ring for men

Most tourmaline rings for men are preferred with green a tourmaline gemstone. This broad and handsome men's tourmaline gemstone ring is sturdy, heavy and comfortable to wear. The gemstone in the center can be selected by you, the shade of the tourmaline required can be specified. The same high quality standards for the gold or silver ring ... more.

pink tourmaline ring gemstone

A luxury version of the scintillating claddagh ring, one of the most meaningful jewels in history. The RG232 ring from Kaisilver Thailand, is shown as a pink tourmaline heart ring. One of the most meaningful heart gem rings  that you will come across. While you can choose any of the tourmaline colors, choosing any other gem is also fine ... more

tourmaline gold or silver ring

The RG233T tourmaline ring is slim but not flimsy, configured with solid (gold or silver), this ring flaunts a natural green tourmaline gem in the center. Superbly crafted in Thailand, this Kaisilver ring can be ordered in all sizes. The gem type, shape and size can be decided by you. The ring design is suitable for all occasions. For casual and formal wear ... wear

Green tourmaline remains the popular choice for tourmaline gemstone rings. Fair to say that tourmaline gems are durable, this makes them suitable for both gold and silver tourmaline rings. We should however make an exception for black tourmaline, the gemstone in  this color is quite brittle and not very stable. Green tourmaline gems can be found with a light, medium or deep green color. Demand for a particular color category of green tourmaline has picked up in the past few years. Kaisilver clients often ask for a green tourmaline ring with a gem that, is basically green but also shows a yellowish tinge. You can request for this specific color shade if you happen to be ordering your tourmaline ring from Kaisilver.  

Pink is a popular tourmaline color for women's  tourmaline rings, color shades range from pale pink to medium pink and on to a pink with a dash of brown. You can always request for gem images to ensure that, you are aware of the gemstone that you would be getting for your emerald gemstone ring.  When talking about pink tourmaline, we should mention a deeper reddish pink variety of tourmaline. Gem markets refer to this tourmaline as 'rubelite', it should not be confused with another red gem namely ruby. While you would expect a tourmaline ring with rubelite to be worn by women, the fact is that Kaisilver crafts a significant number of men's tourmaline ring with rubelite each year. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with the expert team before, making a purchase decision. The email address below this page is where, you should be sending your requirements and questions. 

Tourmaline is also found in colors other than green, pink and red - rarely seen in shades of orange, gray and even purple. Let us know if you have a specific gem color in mind for your tourmaline ring, we will be glad to procure that gem just for you. All tourmaline gems used in Kaisilver tourmaline rings and other jewelry, are certified for their authenticity. The gem is sent to an independent gem testing office to be authenticated. 

Cannot exclude blue tourmaline or indicolite from this report. A unique blue color that is unlike any shade of blue topaz, blue sapphire or blue spinel. A sturdy gem that can take care of itself without much fuss and strain. There was a time when indicolite (blue tourmaline) was used almost exclusively in men's tourmaline ring but, that is no longer the case. Women's rings and even exotic tourmaline pendants, are often requested with blue tourmaline. One of the reasons why you do not see too many blue tourmaline gemstone rings is that, this gem is generally found in smaller quantities. Let us know if you wish to have this gem color in your tourmaline, we will take care of your requirement. 

Another gorgeous blue tourmaline with a much brighter blue color is referred to as Paraiba tourmaline. You might know that Paraiba is the region in Brazil where, this variety of tourmaline is found. The color range for Paraiba tourmaline is from a moderate blue to a more saturated electric blue color. Looking at the mining situation at present, much of the Paraiba tourmaline gemstone output is in the medium blue category, tinges of green in the blue gem are not very rare. Keep in mind that Paraiba tourmaline carries a hefty premium on price. Discuss your requirements with our team and let them, come up with information and suggestions. 

The color of most gemstones including tourmaline, is derived from various elements present in the stone. For example copper could impart a blue color to the stone, iron a red color etc. There are a bunch of tourmaline colors that are unique, they do not fall under the regular pink, red, green, yellow or blue color range. Generally found with internal inclusions, these tourmaline colors are found in small quantities - they are therefore not touted in the mainstream jewelry sector. Should you need a unique color for the gem in your tourmaline ring, give us an idea of what you are looking for - we will come up with images for you to choose from. 

Almost all tourmaline colors will pair well with gold or silver, this with the exception of black tourmaline as we had mentioned earlier. Kaisilver will maintain the same superior standards for a gold or 925 silver tourmaline ring, so we leave the final decision to you. If you plan to go for a tourmaline gold ring, choose from 10k, 14k or 18k gold. We also allow you to make a choice of a white, yellow or pink gold tourmaline ring. For those of you who prefer to wear a tourmaline silver ring, our suggestion would be to leave the ring with no plating. Any plating done on silver, will wear off after a while - so the belief that the plating will always act as an anti-tarnish solution is wrong. Leave the tourmaline gemstone silver ring un-plated, clean and polish it at the first signs of tarnish - this process makes it easy to maintain all silver jewelry. 

Custom Tourmaline Rings:

  • The design for your tourmaline gemstone ring can be yours or ours. Any ring from our websites can be ordered in gold or silver, with a tourmaline gem. We place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. 
  • The same team of talented designers, expert artisans and trained gem cutters in Thailand, work on each gold or silver tourmaline ring. This ensures that the same premium standards are maintained for both metals. 
  • The gold tourmaline ring is available in yellow, pink or white gold. Also make a choice of 14k, 18k or 10k gold for your ring. We generally recommend 14k gold rings as this gold option, provides the right balance between gold content and metal hardness. 
  • You can choose from all tourmaline colors and not just, those shown on our websites. Tourmaline rings can be crafted with pink, reddish pink (rubelite), blue (indicolite), Paraiba tourmaline or green tourmaline gems. Rare colors in tourmaline can also be sourced if, that is what you need for your ring. 
  • Available for men and women Kaisilver rings with tourmaline gems, are designed and crafted to look good and be long lasting. 
  • Kasilver jewelry generally has a metal (gold or silver) weight that, is around 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers would provide. This provides for jewelry that is more comfortable to wear and more tough and durable. 

How To Order: Kaisilver provides finely handcrafted gold and silver jewelry, this is the type of jewelry that you need to understand and also clear all questions before purchasing. So whether you are here for a tourmaline ring or for any other jewel, please do not be in a rush to confirm your order with payment. The link shown below each item on this webpage, will take you to a report with complete details on that item. Options and ordering process are mentioned on the report. Remember that we can craft a unique tourmaline ring or any other jewel, with a design provided by you. We welcome your queries, design images and comments at 

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