Plain Wedding Band Ring 

The RG230 band ring shown on this webpage would make an awesome wedding band. While the ring is shown as a white gold wedding band, you could order the same piece in 10, 14k or 18 gold and request for white, yellow or pink gold. This is not a regular wedding band that you would pick from a jewelry store, like all other Kaisilver jewelry - the ring is expertly handcrafted by extremely skilled artisans in Thailand. Being a fully custom made ring, the ring can be customized to include all your preferences. Before we go further let us clarify that, this is a sturdy and durable ring and no attempt is made to compromise on gold weight or craftsmanship. Kaisilver jewelry typically weighs around 40% to 50% more as compared to what other jewelers provide, this adds to the long term durability of every jewel that we craft. 

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If you had to refer to dimension of the RG230 gold wedding band, you could mention the ring size and band width of the ring. We did mention that, all features of the gold band ring can be customized, this obviously includes ring dimensions. You can request for the ring (finger) size that you need, we will calculate all related information and work out a price quote for you. The band width of the ring can also be customized to suit your requirements bit for this report, we mention a band width of 4mm and 6mm. This does not mean that the white gold wedding band, cannot be ordered with a band width of 7mm or even 10mm. Since we focus on maintaining durability across all sizes a bigger wedding band, would be assigned a higher gold weight. We will work our specifications once we have the details of your requirements. 


Band rings have a universal appeal, fair to say that they are not gender specific. Having said that is is almost always the case that, men's wedding band rings are preferred with wider band width. The ring size would obviously depend on individual finger dimensions. If you wished to have a men's wedding band in yellow, white or pink gold - it is very likely that your band width preference would be in the 7mm to 10mm range. The gold weight requirements would be influenced by the dimensions. Just reminding you that at Kaisilver, we give equal emphasis to appearance and durability of every jewel that we craft. 


All Kaisilver jewelry including wedding bands are crafted, to the same superior high standards in gold or silver. We have discussed more about a silver wedding band ring below, so we talk about gold options for your ring here. The RG230 white gold band can be ordered as a 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring - you can further specify yellow, white or rose (pink) gold. In general we recommend 14k bands as 14k gold, provides an optimum balance between metal hardness and gold content. Our price tables generally give price quotes for 14k and 18k gold but, if you prefer 10k wedding bands - email us at and we will work on a specific price quote for you. 


Your Kaisilver gold wedding band ring, would weigh around 40% more than what other jewelers would provide. While this does add to the price tag, it is the best way to add durability to the ring. The gold thickness for your gold band ring would ensure that, the ring does not bend or dent easily. Notice that the RG230 white gold band ring shown on this page, has no metal scooping done in the inside of the band. This solid structure makes it more comfortable to wear the ring besides, adding durability. 

We did mention that the weight of the ring would depend on your choice of ring (finger) size and band width. So the prices and weights described refers to the band widths mentioned and generally popular ring sizes. We will provide full details including pricing, once we know your exact requirements.


Pricing has been provided for general sizes and band widths of 4mm and 6mm. The actual price would depend on the band width and the ring (finger) size. We will email a customized price quote once we have your requirements. Keep in mind that we do not scoop any metal from inside the band, this increases weight but also adds to durability. The 4mm band width band ring would weigh around 15 grams and the 6mm band width ring, would weigh around 20 grams. Final price will be worked out once we know the specific requirements for your ring. Email us at if you have any questions.


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Fine jewelry should look awesome and also be long lasting. Not many jewelers take this seriously but at Kaisilver, each design is researched to ensure good looks and durability. The RG230 wedding band has a gold weight in the 15 grams to 35 grams range, the exact weight and price would depend on the ring size and the band width required. Most jewelers would craft a similar ring with a weight is around 40% less than this, their rings would obviously be priced lower. Insufficient weight can cause the ring to deform and dent easily, this would call for frequent repairs - something that most of us would not want to happen, for our wedding ring! 

The weight of the RG230 band ring is optimized for ring size and band width. This ensures that the ring would stay in shape for years and decades, you could even consider passing it down to the next generation! The metal thickness is good enough to withstand frequent and prolonged wear. We do not scoop metal from inside the band as, the gold weight is enough to leave it un-scooped. This is something that makes the ring sturdier and also more comfortable to wear. 

If you notice the edges of the wedding band, we have rounded those - pointed edges are more likely to get scratched when the ring is placed on hard surfaces. 


The easiest and most economical way to make jewelry is to use mechanized processes or even mass produce the jewels. However such jewelry invariably compromises on quality, the idea is to gain mass market through lower price tags. All Kaisilver jewelry is meticulously handcrafted, no readymade molds and no mass production processes. Each wedding band is crafted by highly skilled artisans, a high degree of attention is given to every single detail. The quality of the ever piece is high end and this is something that, a ready made wedding band ring or any other readymade jewel cannot deliver.


We kept mentioning that the RG230 gold wedding band is a custom made ring, it is therefore important to understand the advantages that this brings to you. This is an important paragraph so please make sure that you understand it well, you can always email our experts at the email address provided below this report. Since you are not obligated to make a purchase from us make sure that, you take full advantage of our expertise. 

Some ideas for customization - the gold options for 14k, 10k or 18 gold and white, yellow or rose gold have been mentioned above. While the ring is shown and mentioned as having a band width of 4mm to 6mm, we can customize the band ring according to your choice of band width. Band rings are suitable for both men and women, men generally prefer a band width of 7mm to 9mm for their band rings. Saying this because, a wedding ring pair is gaining popularity - this is where the man and woman, wear the same design concept for their wedding rings. Wedding bands are perfect for that. Just remember that the gold weight and therefore the ring price, would be influenced by the band width. 

Notice the texture on the RG230 gold band, the texture is something that can be customized. We could provide a light hammered look, a high polish finish, a tree bark texture or even dull brushed look. And if you prefer to have a texture aside from these, share your ideas with our support team and we will get back with details


When it comes to wedding bands, the demand for setting gemstones or diamonds in the band has to certain extent diminished. Young couples realize that the meaning and significance of the wedding ring is in the occasion and the sentiments, a simple ring would be just fine. Having said that Kaisilver does get a fair number of orders for diamond and gemstone wedding bands. We place absolutely no restriction on gem selection for all custom made jewelry. Increased requests for lab created diamonds has prompted us to provide options for both, natural and lab diamonds. However you should understand that, lab diamonds are not natural - clear disclose of lab diamonds is to be and will be made, at the time of discussing order details. 

The band width of your gold wedding band would influence the size of the gem or diamond that it can hold. While the specifications and pricing for the RG230 band ring are mentioned with reference to 4mm and 6mm band rings, you can let us know the band width that you prefer. This is again something is best discussed with our expert team. 


The structure of band rings and the fact that Kaisilver gold bands are not scooped from the inside, makes the design concept perfect for etching something short inside the band. Important dates, a name or initials, a short statement and a symbol - are some nice etching ideas. Let us know exactly what you need. It is not uncommon for wedding bands to have a name or initial, etched on the top surface of the ring. We can accommodate all such requests. 

When it comes to etching symbols inside or outside band rings, the popular requests include a heart, the peace sign, lightning, yin yang, a cross and even the Egyptian Ankh symbol. And surely any other symbol that you wish to have on your ring. 


We have discussed about gold wedding bands in this report but, the fact is that all Kaisilver jewelry can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. We maintain the same superior standards for both metal options and prove our commitment to quality by, assigning the same team of skilled artisans to work on both gold and silver jewelry. The fact is that if you love silver or are just working within a tight budget, silver wedding bands crafted to high standards are better than rushing for low grade gold rings. You could go for a silver wedding band and then, invest in gold to mark your first anniversary or even the birth of your first child. All the options that we mentioned related the customization of a gold wedding band ring, apply to silver bands too. You can discuss your requirements with our team on the email address provided at the end of this report. 

When talking about silver jewelry including silver wedding bands, we should mention that all silverware will tarnish after a while. This begins as a slight discoloration and can get more severe, if it is not cleaned and polished right at the start. Cleaning silver jewelry just as it starts to tarnish is a fairly simple process. Jewelers might tell you that they, have a special plating on silver that prevents tarnish. You should know that the anti-tarnish effect remains as long as the plating on a silver band ring lasts. And also that, all plating done on silver will wear off after a while, that wear off will happen in patches and streaks and will leave your jewelry looking quite dull and mundane. 

All the above information about a silver wedding band ring are provided for your reference. You can take the final decision and we will do exactly what you require. 


For over 2 decades Kaisilver Thailand has been leading the online high end custom jewelry sector. A team of very skilled artisans, gem cutters and production experts works on all Kaisilver custom made jewelry. Gold and silver jewelry is crafted to the same high standards. Networked to gem mining and cutting operations all over the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones. This is precisely why we place absolutely no limitation on your choice of gemstones. We can custom make your jewelry based on your design or ours, this because each pieces is meticulously handcrafted and we do not use mass production technics. Email us at if you have any queries related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to share our expertise without, pressurizing you to make a purchase. 


Fine jewelry like that delivered by Kaisilver, was never meant to be purchased in a hurry or by impulse. Whether it is a gold wedding band or any other custom jewel that you are interested in, email your detailed requirements to our experts at and we, will provide you with related information and pricing. Just remember that each piece is fully custom made, you can request for design modifications or send us your own design specifications to be custom made.

Since each band ring or other jewel is expertly handcrafted and not made using mechanized processes, there is a production lead time of 3 to 4 weeks from the date or order confirmation and receipt of payment. We accept payments through Paypal, Bank Transfer and Wester Union - however we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. You can let us know which mode of payment you prefer, and we will provide details for the same. 


Dear Kaisilver Associates, I would like to take this opportunity to personally offer my recommendation of Kaisilver for top-quality custom jewelry. I located Kaisilver through the internet and was, as you might imagine, somewhat apprehensive about sending money to people I had never met. Nevertheless, I used PayPal and we began working on a custom-designed gold pendant for me.... Associates of Kaisilver worked with me every step of the way graciously, courteously, and promptly, accepting the ideas that would work and recommending alternatives to ideas that would not work..... Another part of the process I would like to emphasize is Kaisilver's thoroughness and conviction to customer satisfaction.....I am pleased to recommend Kaisilver for your custom jewelry needs and feel certain they will meet your expectations with the same dedication demonstrated toward me. Mr.Carl Weeder, U.S.A.  ... more.