Gemstone Ring

References to a gemstone ring in this report and on Kaisilver websites in general, refer to natural gems and not manmade substitutes. Nature has bestowed us with a wide spectrum of amazing natural gems and crystals - Kaisilver custom jewelry seeks to bring quality gemstone jewelry to your doorstep. When we talk about a custom gemstone ring, we mean 'custom' in every sense of the term. Order a gold or silver ring, for men or women with your choice of gemstone. Customization goes beyond choosing the metal and gem for your ring, the design of the ring can be picked from our websites and modified to your requirements. And if you have some specific design in mind for your gemstone ring, send us a description or image. We will together work on final design specifications and pricing. Contact our experts at with any questions that you might have. 

sapphire gemstone ring

Sapphire one of the most desirable and sought after gemstones in history. The KSR002 sapphire gemstone ring from Kaisilver Thailand, is finely handcrafted in gold or 925 silver. Naturally found in a spectrum of colors, this ring could be ordered with a yellow, white, pink, yellow, green, orange or yellow sapphire gem. Fully custom made, the KSR002BS ring can be crafted with any gemstone of your choice ... more

gold rings

Kaisilver crafts gemstone rings in gold and silver, with the same superior standards. The design for your ring can be picked from our websites or provided by you. Both gold and 925 silver rings, can be crafted with gemstones of your choice. The design for a gemstone ring, should be chosen based on the price point of the gemstone. All Kaisilver gemstones are procured from the mines and custom cut. More details ... more

gemstone ring emerald kaisilver

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, the gem also symbolizes harmony and reconciliation. The RG137 is a classic gemstone and diamond ring, the center gem in this ring can be picked by you - no restrictions on gem selection. Available in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - yellow, white or pink gold, the ring can also be ordered in sterling silver. The emerald ring in this ring is fully custom made - read the full report at ... more

men's ring

The MH-02 band ring can be ordered with or without a gemstone. Shown as a plain cross band ring, the design can be updated to include a diamond or gemstone in the center. Since each ring is individually handcrafted, the gem can be set in the center of the cross. You could also request for the cross to be replaced, by any design or motif of your choice. It is possible to customize the band width according to your choice ... more

amethyst gemstone rings

For a big gem ring with a classic look, amethyst the February birthstone should be part of even the most prestigious jewelry collections.  Found in shades of purple from a pale lavender shade to a very deep purple color tone, amethyst gemstone rings are very popular when the gem is medium purple. Review more rings. For all its beauty and tradition, this gem is surprisingly affordable even in large sizes ... more

tanzanite information

Gemstone rings would be more meaningful and better appreciated if, jewelry lovers knew the history and tradition behind the gems that they wear. Tanzanite gemstone rings have gained a strong following among, jewelry lovers in the high budget range. There are many stunning facts related to the African gem - this in addition to its scintillating beauty. This must read report, details some amazing facts about tanzanite ... more

emerald gemstone ring with ruby and opal

Multi gemstone rings are an exciting take on rings with gemstones. Referring to the RG216 Kaisilver custom ring as an emerald ring mainly because, the gem in the center is an emerald. Most of you would be aware that Kaisilver places absolutely no restriction on gem or gem combination selection. Rings with many colored gems can be beautiful, gems can also be picked based on specific beliefs and traditions. Read details ... more

3 gemstone ring

Three gemstone rings from Kaisilver have an added advantage, this because you can select any gem combination that you prefer. A gemstone ring with three gems is suitable for a family birthstone ring, the design could also be interpreted as the past, present and future ring. The same high standards are maintained for the gold or silver gemstone ring. The band width can be customized according to the gem size ... more.


At a broad level we could classify gemstones as being natural or manmade. Kaisilver and this report, refer to rings with natural gems, no fakes and synthetics here. But if you do need a jewel with a synthetic gem, let us know - we will make sure that you fully understand that, the gem that you require is not natural and then move ahead. So in general, we base our information on natural gemstones. Little doubt that the popularity of gemstone rings is on the rise, this as jewelry lovers seek to open up to more natural gem options. 

Working with leading gem mining centers across the planet, Kaisilver ensures that you are not restricted  to any set of gemstones when ordering, ar gold o silver gem ring - or any other jewel for that matter. Each gem is closely inspected by gem professionals before, being brought to our workshop in Thailand. Skilled gem cutters meticulously cut every gem to precisely fit, finely handcrafted gold or silver jewelry. 

Natural gemstones are found in an array of colors, something that gives jewelry buyers an excellent chance to pick their favorite color. Keep in mind that different types of gems could have the same base color. For example a green gemstone ring, could have a peridot, green jade, green sapphire, emerald, green garnet  etc. You can discuss details with our experts, send them a note at the email address mentioned below this report. 

There is one other technical aspect related to natural gemstones, something that could directly affect the value of a gemstone ring - this relates the treatment applied to the gemstone. Judging a natural gem merely by assessing its beauty of attractiveness, might not reveal the true value of the gem. Simple heating processes have been used to heat rubies and sapphires for almost a century - this process improves the color and clarity of the gemstone. Gem experts accept this treatment as it does not lower the value of durability of the gem. More gem treatment processes were later applied to quite a few gems - this happens even today. Gem experts are aware that some of the newer treatments reduce the value and durability of the gem. A very detailed topic, we would advise you to discuss this issue with the Kaisilver team at - we will be glad to explain gem treatments and their effect on the gem in your gemstone ring. Since almost no other jeweler would care to reveal such details, we would urge you to take advantage of our expertise even if, you plan to make your purchase at another jeweler. 


The price of natural gemstones vary just as the color varies. Gemstone price could be an important element, when talking about rings with gemstones. It is not uncommon ring for gold gemstone rings where, the gem forms a bigger cost component of the ring as compared to the gold! This is very glaring when in the case of sapphire rings, gemstone rings with ruby, tanzanite or even emerald. Details into gem pricing would require multiple chapters to be explained, we will therefore suffice it to say that, gem prices could differ across a wide range. 

Another important fact related to natural gems is that, the price per carat of most gems rises significantly as the gem size moves up. This in many cases would influence the design that you choose for a gemstone ring in gold or silver. For example in the case of sapphire gemstone rings, picking a design that requires a gem in the 2 to (below 4) carat size range, would make the ring more moderately priced. We should mention that sapphires are found in a spectrum of colors - blue, pink and orange sapphires are generally priced much higher when compar3ed to green, yellow and even dark blue sapphires. Having said that, the quality and size of the sapphire are equally important in determining the price. You would see a similar price behavior when it comes to ruby gem rings. High quality spinel in blue, pink and red color has been showing a rising price trend in recent years. 

Surely not cheap but a little more modestly priced as compared to ruby and sapphire are tanzanite, tourmaline and aquamarine. First seen quite recently in 1967, tanzanite with its amazing beauty and high rarity has quickly become a favorite of high end jewelry lovers. Found in just one narrow stretch of land in Tanzania, tanzanite is considered to be 1,000 times rarer than diamond. We would be seeing far more tanzanite gemstone rings than we do if only, the gem was only more abundant and the price a lot cheaper. Unfortunately the chances of new tanzanite mines opening up or, the price of the exotic African gem dropping are nil!

Red garnet, blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, black onyx, agate etc are affordable even in large sizes. Gemstone rings with such gems could have big bold designs. We would suggest that you discuss your specific gem preferences with the Kaisilver team. This would help you make the right decision that is within your budget without, settling for a bunch of compromises. 


A special category of birthstone rings, birthstones have fascinated gem and crystal lovers for over a century. Selecting the gemstone in a ring based on the birthstone of the wearer, remains popular to this day. Modern day birthstones are listed for each month of the year. While some months have just one birthstone, others like December have more than one birthstone. Keep in mind that it is the gem (birthstone) that gives the jewel its meaning so, you really need go for something extravagant if, that would strain your budget. 


Before we get into this topic, here is some very general  and useful advice - this irrespective of the gem that you choose for your gemstone ring crafted in gold or silver. Jewelry including rings, should never be worn in conditions where it could be struck by physical impact or be exposed, to strong heat, chemicals or detergents. There are are a few gems like opal, which  are negatively impacted by extremely dry weather. If you buy your opal gemstone ring from Kaisilver, make sure that you fully understand the gem by, discussing details with our support team. 

It is true that the design elements and workmanship of your gemstone ring, could significantly impact the overall durability of the gem. A well researched design, optimized metal weight and high quality craftsmanship, can provide significant protection to the gem in your ring and also, to the ring itself. This is precisely what makes Kaisilver gemstone rings, so very popular - we take care of all the background details to ensure that you have a stress free experience. Finely handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand, our jewelry ships across the globe - over 15 nations as of now and counting. 

Gems like ruby, sapphire and spinel are considered to be very hard but, that does not mean that tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, garnets, amethyst, green jade, black onyx etc are fragile! Gemstones like tanzanite, emerald, opal, chrome diopside etc need some attention. We would encourage you to discuss gem and other details with our team before, you make a decision on a specific gemstone for your silver or gold ring. 


It is generally true that jewelers give secondary importance to silver jewelry - the lower price of silver probably has something to do with this. Kaisilver is the only fine jewelry provider online, to maintain the same superior standards for both gold and silver gemstone rings - this also applies to any other type of jewelry purchased from us. The same highly talented team of designers, artisans and gem cutters works on gold and silver jewelry, this proves our commitment to quality. 

While you have options for a 10k 14k or 18k gold gemstone rings, we would recommend 14k rings as, this metal option provides the right combination between metal hardness and gold content. At the end of the day, we will follow your preference, so let us know what you need. In the case of a gemstone gold ring, you also have a choice of yellow, white or pink gold. 

In the case of a silver gemstone ring, it is a good idea to leave the ring un-plated. This because a plated silver ring, would soon show signs of the plating wearing off. This would leave your ring looking dull and patchy. So the belief that the plating would work as an anti-tarnish option is wrong. While a silver ring would tarnish, cleaning the ring and polishing it just as the tarnish sets in, would keep things simple. Allowing silver tarnish to remain would make it stubborn, at some point you would need professional help from a jeweler to do the cleaning. So be smart and polish your gemstone silver ring, just as the tarnish begins to appear. 


- gemstone rings based on your design or ours. 

- high end workmanship for both gold and silver gemstone rings.

- there is no limitation on gemstone selection for your ring.

- all rings finely handcrafted by artisans in Thailand

- kaisilver ships across the globe, through FEDEX

- our jewelry normally weighs around 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers would provide, for similar jewels.

- all gemstones are natural and certified for authenticity by, an independent gem testing office. 


Each item shown on this webpage has a link to the complete report. Besides providing more detailed information about the item, the report will also discuss pricing options and the ordering process. Having said that we would encourage you to discuss the item that interests you our experts at - once you have all the details, make a buy decision at your process. The next step would be to move to the order conformation and payment phase. 

Just remember that each jewel is fully handcrafted by a highly skilled team in Thailand, we do not rely on readymade blocks and mechanical processes. There is a lead time for production, the team will explain details to you before you reach the order confirmation stage. 


For over 20 years Kaisilver has been the leading online high end custom jewelry provider - all jewelry is expertly handcrafted by Thailand's leading artisans. Shipping across the globe we today serve over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers located in around 15 nations. Both gold and silver jewelry is crafted to the same premium standards, the design can be yours or ours. Being networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstones, your selection need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. Our team of experts at - will be glad to help you with any information that you might need, you will not be pressured into making a purchase from us. We leave the final decision to you. 


Happy New Year!! I got my ring last week.And I'm impressed by it .I love everything about it! The antique look of the silver is beautiful. It looks great. The stone is very pretty.thank you sooo much. Take care .... Christine. more.