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You will find a large number of gold rings for sale in jewelry shops across the globe. Readymade gold rings make for a quick purchase and an inexperienced jewelry buyer, might wonder why there is need for custom gold rings. The point is that a readymade gold ring is configured and crafted to please a large number of jewelry lovers - one of the most common ways to achieve that goal is to flaunt a 'friendly' price tag. And that is something that can happen only if there is a compromise made, on various quality related factors. Most jewelers showcase a limited number of gold jewels, it is not uncommon for gold rings to be taken on consignment. So when you buy your ring from a jewelry providing readymade jewelry, your choice is limited to what is shown in the shop. Custom rings on the other hand, put you in control of every single feature - your choice is limited by your imagination and budget. And when you talk about such complete customization, you are left with very few jewelers to choose from. Kaisilver has being leading the global online custom jewelry sector for over 2 decades - we continue to do so. 

gold ring with multiple gemstones

The bright color of white gold, works wonders on showcasing the beauty of colored gemstones. Having said that we must mention that, yellow gold rings have always had a large and loyal following. The RG229W gemstone gold ring, has multiple gemstones set in the ring. Multi gemstone gold rings are a great idea if, you happen to be looking for a family birthstone ring. All gem combinations available custom made in gold or silver ... more

gold ring for men gemstone garnet

Gold rings for men would generally have broader dimensions than, those for women. This along with the larger ring (finger) sizes required for most men's rings, means that the gold weight in men's rings can be quite substantial. 10k and 14 gold rings for men are very popular, but Kaisilver does get a number of orders for men's rings in 18k gold.  Durability takes on an added importance when it comes to men's rings, read more on this ... more

When you order a Kaisilver gold ring, the piece is fully custom made. This means that we can accommodate all your requirements. You could pick any gold or silver ring from Kaisilver websites and request for it to be crafted in gold, you could also request for design modifications that you might need. Going beyond that, we also welcome your own design concepts. We will gladly craft a gold ring for you with your own design idea. And when it comes to picking gems for your gold ring, we provide an unmatched selection - you are not limited to the gems in our inventory or those, shown or mentioned on our websites. Networked to almost every gem mining and cutting center in the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones. Just remember that any gemstone ring on our website or even your own ring design - can be made with the gemstone of your choice. Leveraging our expertise in gem  procurement, you can rest assured that you will always get the best gem for the price that you pay. 

men's gold ring gemstone iolite

Iolite a gorgeous violet blue gem, durable natural color and truly impressive. An iolite gemstone ring for men, the MAN139 can be ordered in silver or gold. No doubt that the high publicity given to tanzanite, pushed iolite into the backseat. Kaisilver procures iolite gemstone rings directly from the mines. Iolite gemstone rings can be provided with gemstones as large as 14x10mm oval. Available in all ring sizes, get more details about this ring ... more

ruby gold ring with diamonds

Square gemstone rings invariably deliver a sophisticated loook.. This is all the more when your order your gemstone ring from Kaisilver - the leading online jewelry provided in Thailand. A ruby gpld ring would look awesome in yellow or white gold, the gemstone is not cut into square shape very often. Your Kaisilver ruby gemstone ring, would have a natural custom cut ruby ring. Custom made ring in gold or 925 silver with all gemstone options ... more

Continuing with the concept of complete customization for gold rings, Kaisilver gives you all options related to gold. You can pick from 10k, 14k or 18k gold - our websites quote prices for 14k and 18k gold rings, request for a price quite if you are interested in 10k rings. We would recommend 14k gold rings for high end custom jewels, this as the 14k gold specification combines, the right balance between metal hardness and gold content. And along with the choice of 18k, 10k or 14k gold rings - you can also specify white, yellow or pink as the gold color. As jewelry buyers have matured, there is not much interest in being loyal to just one gold color. It is a good idea to have both white and yellow gold rings in your collection. The fact is that some designs and a some gemstones, look better in a specific gold color. While it is true that pink or rose gold as it is often referred to, is not very common - this gold color is gradually building up a sizeable group of pink gold lovers. 

A spectacular gold ring, the historic claddagh ring with a history that dates back to over centuries. This ring symbolizes love, togetherness and loyalty. The Kaisilver claddagh ring in gold or silver is widely regarded, as the best rendition of this ring. The RG141 ring is shown here in two tone gold, you could also order the ring with a single gold color. You can order the claddagh ring with the gemstone of your choice, all ring sizes ... more

opal diamond 14k gold ring

Opal is an awesome gemstone, the best opal gems are found in Australia. Kaisilver opal gold rings are crafted with natural opal gems from Australia. While Ethiopian opal gems would be priced much lower, Australian opals have better durability and value as compared to opal gemstones from Ethiopia. The  RG211 opal diamond ring, can be ordered in all ring sizes. You can order the same gemstone gold ring, with the gem of your choice ... more

There is a growing tendency for jewelers to craft gold rings with a focus on, keeping them light. The point is that while this can deliver lower price tag, insufficient gold weight for your ring invariably compromises on durability. Light rings tend to bend and deform easily, this could result in loose gemstones and expensive repairs. Kaisilver gold rings and other jewelry, generally weighs around 40% to 50% more than, what other jewelers would offer for similar jewels. While this does shown on the price tag of our gold rings, it is the only way to craft quality jewelry that will keep their form and shape for years. 

emerald gold ring with diamonds

Known for thousands of years, emerald remains one of the most desirable gemstones. The RG137 gold emerald ring adds an extra element of glitter with the diamond on either side of the oval center gem. The gorgeous green color of emerald ensures that, the gem would look just as awesome in a yellow, pink or white gold ring. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, it symbolizes peace, regeneration and pure love. More details on this gold ring ... more

diamond gold ring

While diamond gold rings were at one time, extremely popular in white gold - jewelry lovers have in recent times opened up to diamond rings in all gold colors. Diamonds can carry premium price tags as, the size moves beyond 3mm, this is the reason why most gold rings with diamonds, are designed to accommodate modestly sized diamonds. Kaisilver crafts fine diamond gold rings, your design or ours - in Thailand and shipped globally ... more.  

Gold rings could be plain, studded with gemstones and possible even with diamonds. When it comes to diamond gold rings, it is possible to pick the diamond quality based on your budget. An example would make this much more clear, so here we go. If you take a 1 carat round diamond as an example, the price of a 1 carat diamond could be in the $3,000 to $10,000 price range. The fact is that a $4,000 diamond with a 1 carat size, would appear absolutely scintillating and show plenty of bright glitter. This obviously does not mean that your diamond gold ring, should not have the best diamond which could cost $10,000 or even more - Kaisilver will be glad to craft a diamond gold ring for you, irrespective of the diamond quality that fits your budget. This same concept would apply to 10k, 14k or 18k gold rings with expensive gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, red spinel etc. So it is clear that the customization that Kaisilver often speaks about, also refers to the possibility of customizing the price tag on a gold ring. 

When the order is for a custom gold ring, Kaisilver or any other jeweler - would be focused on ensuring that all the preferences mentioned by the customer are incorporated into the ring. The customer on the other hand, would also hope that the ring would be like or even better than, the ring that he or she envisioned. Choosing the right jeweler to pick your gold ring from, is as important as selecting the right ring. Kaisilver has an impressively high rate of repeat buyers - it is obviously the quality of products and service that we provide. We will always remain grateful for the support that we have received, from thousands of jewelry clients across the globe. Custom making high end jewelry in Thailand, Kaisilver ships across the globe. 

Who is Kaisilver: The leading online high end custom made jewelry provider, Kaisilver Thailand today serves over 12,000 quality conscious clients across 15 nations. Providing the same high quality for both gold and silver jewelry, Kaisilver crafts rings and other jewelry, based on your design or ours. Networked to all major gem mining and cutting centers in the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gems. This explains why we do not place any limitation on your choice of gemstones. Your gemstone rings in  gold or silver - or any other jewelry from that matter, can be crafted even with gems not mentioned or shown on our websites. You could request for a ring or any other jewel, to be made with your design or ours. Our experts at will be glad to help, with any information or suggestions that you might need. You will not be under any obligation to make a purchase, we would therefore suggest that you take advantage of our expertise in all aspects of gemstones and jewelry. 

How To Order: All the items shown on this webpage, have a link to a complete report. Click the link shown against any of the gold rings and you would, be taken to a complete report. That report would also talk about shipping, payment etc. There is a production period of around 4 to 6 weeks, this from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Shipping will be through FEDEX with web tracking, you will be informed about shipping charges before we reach the order confirmation and payment stage. Kaisilver accepts payments through Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfers. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we will, provide details for the same. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions.  

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