Wedding Ring Heart Shape 

Weddings are about love, commitment and faithfulness. A wedding ring embodies the spirit meaning of a wedding. A heart motif or shape denotes love, it is therefore no surprise that couples often look for heart wedding rings. A heart ring could be a simple jewel with a heart shaped center, you could also choose a gem or diamond for the center heart. It would not be wrong to say that, a claddagh heart ring takes wedding heart rings to the next level. While Kaisilver can handcraft a wedding ring for you in gold or 925 silver, with a design and gems of your choice - we will elaborate more about the historic claddagh ring in this report. 

tanzanite heart ring

Email our support experts at if the KSR001T interests you. Shown as a white gold Tanzanite heart ring, the jewel is perfect for a stylish and elegant wedding ring. Set with a 7mm heart gem of your choice, this ring finely handcrafted in gold or silver and all ring sizes. White, yellow and pink gold options available. 

The design for a heart shaped wedding ring will never be a limitation when you order it from Kaisilver. The claddagh heart ring is a historic jewel first made about 4 centuries ago. The first ring was believed to be made by an Irish fisherman turned slave. The young man name Robert Joyce crafted it for his beloved, the features of this heart ring were meant to express his true love for her. The ring depicts love, togetherness and loyalty. An in depth report on the meaning of the ring can be reviewed in the Claddagh Ring Meaning Report. While 'love' as symbolized in the claddagh heart ring is not limited to matrimonial relationships, there is no doubt that the ring would make a magnificent heart wedding ring. 


No matter whether you choose a claddagh heart ring or a heart ring with any other design, for your wedding ring, you can make a choice between a plain or gem studded heart shape wedding ring. The choice of gemstones is never limited at Kai Silver, so the gem for your heart wedding ring is not restricted to what is shown on our website. All gems mentioned on our websites are natural and certified. You will need to make special and explicit request, if your requirement is a lab created gemstones. A diamond heart wedding ring is also a great idea if, your budget can handle the cost. 


Gemstone Tips: While most heart wedding rings including the claddagh, would have a heart shaped gem or diamond in the center - it is also possible, for the design to have a heart motif with a round gem in the center. At Kaisilver each gem is handpicked by experts and meticulously custom cut, the shape, size or type of gem is therefore always open to your choice. Gem prices differ widely and different gemstones can have the same base color. For example heart wedding rings with blue gems, could have a blue topaz, blue sapphire, blue tanzanite, blue aquamarine or blue turquoise gem. Get in touch with our experts for some useful and constructive advice. 

Birthstone wedding rings have an added significance, so this is one option for a wedding heart ring. It is also a good idea to exchange birthstones in wedding rings. This requirement is easily accommodated for heart rings ordered from us because, we place no limitation on your choice of gemstone. 

It  is important for the design of a wedding ring to take the gem into consideration. We say this because not all gems are equally tough and durable. The right design can do a lot to improve the durability of your heart wedding ring. We suggest that, you contact our support team to get clear idea of gems and durability. No other jeweler would offer you such a service, we will be glad to help even if you order nothing from us.


Budgeting for a wedding ring can be elaborate process for most of us. Here are some tips that you might find useful. Our support experts will always be glad to help, with any clarifications that you might need. If you are particular about a specific gemstone or diamond for your wedding heart ring, get to know the general pricing for the gem. Gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and tanzanite can be expensive as gem size increases. In such cases pick a heart ring design that, requires a modestly sized gemstone. If your basic requirement is a wedding ring with a fairly large size format, work on gem options that will be moderately priced. And as Kaisilver has repeatedly mentioned, it is not mandatory for a wedding ring to have a gem or diamond. Plain heart wedding rings are fine and design elements, can help make them attractive and interesting. For example, a white gold heart ring can have a yellow gold heart motif in the center or vice versa. You could also consider combining white gold with rose gold - the choice is yours. As a general opinion a budget of $1,500 to $4,000, should get you good and sturdy heart wedding ring. More elaborate heart rings can go as high as $8,000 or even more - discuss your requirements with our experts before making a decision. We would therefore recommend that, you keep your silver wedding  heart ring un-plated. However if you still prefer to have it plater, we can do the plating in gold, platinum or white rhodium at no extra charge. And this plating would also not last permanently.


Silver Heart Rings: This information might in a way relate to the above note on budgeting for your wedding ring. With young couples today pushing conventions and customs aside, there is no need for you to go for a gold heart ring. With Kai Silver being one of the very few high end jewelry providers, to maintain the same quality standards for both gold and silver jewelry - you can order a gold or silver heart wedding ring with, your choice of design or gemstone. Interestingly a classic heart ring like the 4 centuries old claddagh ring, has an equally classy look in gold or silver. 

While it is true that all silver jewelry will show signs of tarnish, there is an important fact that you should be aware of. Cleaning a silver ring just as it shows signs of tarnish (discoloration), will make it easy to keep your silver wedding ring looking with minimum effort. A small note about the belief that plating a silver jewel, with rhodium, platinum or any other metal would keep it 'tarnish free'. Before you choose to plate your 925 silver heart wedding ring, remember that any plating done on silver will wear off with time. And the wear off when it happens, will appear as patches - this makes it very difficult to to clean and polish the ring. 

garnet wedding ring

A wedding ring is often worn everyday and forever. This heart wedding ring gives equal importance to durability, wearing comfort and style. Shown as a garnet gold heart ring, you can order the KSR001G in gold or 925 silver with the gem of your size. A high end jewel crafted by skilled Thai artisans . Email for details


How To Order: It is true that ordering a heart wedding ring in gold or silver, or any other jewelry from Kaisilver, it is not as simple as clicking an icon and making payment. We offer real human help for all your needs, no quick pay, express buy or pay - discuss all your requirements with our experts at you can even send us, your own design ideas as sketches or images. There is no limitation on gem selection which means that, your choice need not be limited to the gems mentioned on our websites. 

There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks, this as each jewel is fully custom made and each gem handpicked and custom cut. Each piece is finely handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. Production begins the moment payment is received through Paypal or Western Union. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know your choice of payment and we will provide details for the same.

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